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  • The Observation Tower at the Marina in Charzykowy
  • The Marina in Charzykowy
  • The Interior of the Annunciation Church in Chojnice
  • The Old Market Square in Chojnice – a View to the Town Hall, the Annunciation Church and the Basilica
  • The Mechanical Auroch at the Człuchowska Tower
  • Lake Jeleń in the Tuchola Woods National Park
  • The Virgin at the Fountain in the Old Market Square in Chojnice
  • A Clearing at the Historic Oak "Bartuś"
  • Canoes in Swornegacie
  • The Steering Wheel over the Entrance to the Tavern in Małe Swornegacie
  • The Entrance to the Minor Basilica in Chojnice
  • The Didactic Path over Lake Jeleń in the Tuchola Woods National Park
  • Winter in the Tuchola Woods
  • A Hut in Nierostowo in Winter
  • Konarzyny in Winter
  • Winter in the Tuchola Woods
  • The Street Theatre Festival – "Chojnice Fiesta"
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Welcome!, Culture and Tradition

Regional cuisine Regional cuisine
The Chojnice regional cuisine reflects the specific history of this land. It is the cuisin of Europe, traditional Poland, Kashubia and traditional dishes from Bory Tucholskie. The cuisine of this region is simple, but very tasty. The housemaids (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Kashubian Notes Kashubian Notes
Kaszëbszczé note – Kashubian notes or Kashubian hieroglyphs is a popular Kashubian counting-out rhyme. It is sometimes mistakenly considered a Kashubian anthem. It used to be sung obligatory on every wedding, now it's sung by (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Bread Baking Bread Baking
Every August in Widno (the community of Brusy) there is an event called “Bread Baking”. It is a tribute to Kashubian bread, baked according to traditional recipes in an old stove. It attracts many people from all over Chojnice County, (...) Czytaj dalej -->
The county harvest festival- “Dożynki” The county harvest festival- “Dożynki”
The county harvest festival- “Dożynki”,  are organized every year according to the tradition cultivated for centuries. An element of the festivity is a High Mass and a colorful parade of the participants to the harvest square (...) Czytaj dalej -->
The community of Brusy The community of Brusy
For ages, Brusy has been the capital of Zabory- a subregion of southern Kaszuby, and a significant center of wood processing. The town is an important point on the cultural map of Kaszuby- for 15 years there has been an ethnic school- Kashubian (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Snuff and horn handicraft Snuff and horn handicraft
There are many Kashubian legends about the origin of snuff, but in reality the first ones to discover the powdered tobacco were the Native Americans. The discoverers of the New World brought it to Europe. Snuff is made of tobacco with (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Kashubian embroidery Kashubian embroidery
The tradition of Kashubian embroidery was born in Żukowo, started by the Norbertine sisters around 1209. At the beginning all embroidered motives were self-coloured, decorated with silver or gold threads. The sisters specialised in decorating (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Kashubian folk instruments Kashubian folk instruments
Kashubian folk bands usually play on characteristic instruments. One of this instruments is the devil's fiddle (diôbelsczé skrzëpce). Once they were used to scare off the ghosts during Zaduszki (All Souls' Day). Now the (...) Czytaj dalej -->

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