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  • The Observation Tower at the Marina in Charzykowy
  • The Marina in Charzykowy
  • The Interior of the Annunciation Church in Chojnice
  • The Old Market Square in Chojnice – a View to the Town Hall, the Annunciation Church and the Basilica
  • The Mechanical Auroch at the Człuchowska Tower
  • Lake Jeleń in the Tuchola Woods National Park
  • The Virgin at the Fountain in the Old Market Square in Chojnice
  • A Clearing at the Historic Oak "Bartuś"
  • Canoes in Swornegacie
  • The Steering Wheel over the Entrance to the Tavern in Małe Swornegacie
  • The Entrance to the Minor Basilica in Chojnice
  • The Didactic Path over Lake Jeleń in the Tuchola Woods National Park
  • Winter in the Tuchola Woods
  • A Hut in Nierostowo in Winter
  • Konarzyny in Winter
  • Winter in the Tuchola Woods
  • The Street Theatre Festival – "Chojnice Fiesta"
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Tourist Attractions, The Community of Brusy

Brusy Brusy
- All Saints Church from the 19th century – the largest church in Pomerania. - The International Festival of Folklore – “Days of Kashubian Culture”.   (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Brusy Jaglie Brusy Jaglie
- Presentation of folk art (sculpture, glass painting) by Józef Chełmowski, a museum of apiculture. - The Kashubian Hut.   (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Leśno Leśno
- a wooden church from the 16th century with antique interior - a tomb of the Cietrzew – Sikorski family - a manorial complex of the Sikorski family from the 19th century - half-timbered houses from the 19th century in the center of the (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– the oldest village in the area (first mention date back to the 13th century), a chapel with a sculpture of St. Szczepan and Suzanne, discoveries of box tombs from the early Iron Age. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

Małe Chełmy
a wayside chapel of the Heart of Jesus, a hut from the 2nd half of the 19th century, discoveries of box tombs from the early Iron Age (...) Czytaj dalej -->

- a wayside chapel of Holy Mother of God from 1938, a wooden cross from the 1920’s, a monument commemorating the partisans of H. Grabosz. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a Fraciscan Sisters’ monastery, discoveries of box tombs from the early Iron Age. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a natural monument – a lime-tree (circumf. 13.5 ft), a water mill with a sawmill (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– the birthplace of writer Anna Łajming, plus a building of Forest Authority from 1930. (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Widno Widno
a bread stove which now serves as an attraction at tourist festivals with traditional bread baking. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– the water mill on the river Zbrzyca. (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Wielkie Chełmy Wielkie Chełmy
– a palace complex of the Sikorski family (2nd half of the 19th century), a park with nature monuments, discoveries of box tombs from the early Iron Age. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– discoveries of stone and flintstone objects dating back to the Stone Age. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– fountain springs, a mill complex, a brick-and-wooden mill from 1903, a wooden miller’s house from the 19th century, two livestock buildings, a wooden barn and livestock complex from the end of the 19th century; an educational path. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a figure of Christ the King, huts from the 19th and 20th centuries. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a livestock building from the 19th century, a wayside chapel of the Heart of Jesus. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a manorial complex of the Główczewski family from 1912 –brick, located in the place of the former wooden manor, a wooden barn, a water mill from 1860, a carriage house from 1860, a wayside chapel from 1904. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– Holy Heart of Jesus Church, a monument commemorating victims of Nazism, a figure of St. John Nepomucen. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a manor of the Główczewski family, a hut from the 19th century, a watermill on the Młosina River. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

- a manor complex of Count Koenigsmarck, Lake Laska Reservation – an ornithological reservation of 174 acres, created for the preservation of mainstay areas of water and mud birds. - a 400-year-old oak “Lokietek” – a monument (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a mill from the beginning of the 20th century, an enclosure of the forester’s house. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a monument of nature – the pine, a habitat of plants – the water-lily, a single tomb with a board commemorating W. Ryłko. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a monument of nature – an oak (circumf. 15ft). (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Wysoka Zaborska Wysoka Zaborska
– a square village, a brick chapel from 1933, a wayside cross from 1927, a complex of wooden huts from the 19th century, large brick houses with stone and brick household buildings. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

Broda (Młynek)
– a water mill. (...) Czytaj dalej -->

– a manor complex from 1859, a park with monuments of nature, a cemetery of soldiers of the Soviet Army. (...) Czytaj dalej -->
Zaborski Landscape Park Zaborski Landscape Park
– numerous existing reservations and monuments of nature (e.g. Bagno Stawek Reservation, Lake Nawionek Reservation, Piecki Reservation), currently designed: Kulawa River Valley, Tunnel-valley Lakes, Buczyna-upon-Zbrzyca, Buczyna on Lake (...) Czytaj dalej -->

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